When is the right time?

If you are anything like me, then you have probably asked this question a thousand times. I have always been a curious person but also quite introverted, so sometimes I seek clarity about life through questions and deep thinking, not forgetting that I want to do right as much as I can. I remember asking my mum when I was younger, when is the right time to have a boyfriend? My close friend when is the time to kiss? If you know me, then you have probably already had me ask you when is the right time to….


Not so long ago, I identified a flaw with my question, that is that it limits my ability to take chances, step into the unknown, leave my comfort zone and ultimately control my decision-making process. Because I just want to know what the right thing to do is so that I can do precisely that. But who knows when the right time is? or what is truly right? I once really wanted to know when the right time/age to get married is because I couldn´t afford to make a mistake with this. I have learnt that there is no such thing as the right time, sorry to disappoint you, it took me a while to accept it too. It´s more important to know that the circumstances, understand the consequences and predict the outcome that is good for you as the decision maker.


“When the time is right, you just know it.” I hated hearing this; I still do but it´s true when the time is right, you just know it. It´s called intuition, and now this is what I know to use to find out my right time. For whatever decision I make I consult my intuition because it keeps true to what is best for me. I recently read a book, Put your Intuition to Work by Lynn A. Robinson. From this book, I learnt that as a business owner, I may not always have all the facts to help me make a decision, but when I tap into intuitive space, I get the right amount of guidance I need to deliver brilliant success for my business.


I recently discussed decision making with a friend who was struggling with colleagues at work and thinking of seeking new employment bust was afraid because her current job was safe. For some reason, I completely forgot about asking her to tap into her inner CEO (intuition) until now. And this is my point exactly, sometimes the right answers don´t come to you when you need them, it´s annoying I know but there is a reason they don´t come to you when you need them.


The next time you will be faced with trying to figure out when the right time is to do something, take an extra 5mins before you act to just listen to yourself and the answer will definitely have a way of reviling itself to you. If you have problems listening to yourself, feel free to contact me and we can do some excersies together that I have learnt about tapping into my inner CEO.


I care about you, always!




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