About Me

Firstly thank you so much for stopping by, my name is Gertrude and I am a media entrepreneur with a Bachelor of Mass Communications and  Master of Media and Communication Studies.

I am born and raised in Zambia and currently living in the beautiful city of Lund in Sweden. I have always loved writing and the idea of having a blog is something I have had for a long time now, and I am happy to finally launch my blog and make my dream a reality.

I love all things professional and personal development so you can expect a number of blog posts about professional and personal development.

When I am not here sharing stories, I am running my marketing and communications consultancy business where I help individuals and companies with marketing research, branding, copywriting, social media management and how to overall optimise their digital presence.  Other times, I am overseeing the marketing and communications of Nifuna, an online lifestyle and fashion boutique for ambitious women, AKA #girlbosses or #alphababes. So if your social media or anything marketing and communications is feeling daunting, do not hesitate to contact me and together, we can fix that!

My favourite parttime activity is reading, travelling, hanging out or plain lazying around. Something I am most proud is my family and a small circle of close friends. Well maybe particularly my younger siblings 😀 I have five brothers and two sisters, making me the eldest child :O

Thanks again for stopping by and let us get connected on Instagram and Facebook.

For sponsorships, collaborations and all business enquiries, contact: hello@simplygertrude.com


Take Care,