My name is Gertrude, I am a web and marketing developer. I specialise in helping business owners attract their ideal customers by providing web development, marketing automations and digital marketing services. 

Ready To Create a Lasting Impression

With a website that attracts your ideal customers? Take my course on how to create a powerful website. In this course I give you my blueprint formula for attracting ideal customers and making money in the process.

I am Because We Are...

Many people fail to conquer their dreams and achieve success online because they are overwhelmed by tech. If you’re nodding along to all this, you’re not alone.

Over the years I have worked for different tech companies and helped them be seen by their ideal customers online. Recently, I came to a realisation that so many people fail to conquer their dreams and achieve success online because they are overwhelmed by tech. They have brilliant ideas that could make lifelong impact in the world and transform lives. Maybe this is you too.

It breaks my heart to know that tech is the only thing that stands between you and your dreams and I want to change that. I don’t want you to do nothing about your dreams because you are scared to mess up. Here is the secret; creating a website and being seen online is easy, and I am here to demystify tech and simplify the technological aspects of building and growing a business. Take my hand, I am here to help you. Before becoming a developer myself, I spent countless hours trying to figure things out on my own, ran into the tutorial trap and still did not get the results I wanted. This will not be you, trust me.

How amazing would it be if you would move from overwhelmed and clueless about tech to confident, attracting ideal customers and making more money in the process. Ready to work with me? Below is what I offer.


1 : 1

I do not believe in one size fits all solutions that is why, I work with clients one on one to meet their most burning needs. Contact me here.


I create easy to follow courses on how to DIY Tech. My most recent course is how to create a Powerful Website. Learn more here.

Digital Marketing

Struggling with what to focus on with your digital marketing strategy? I have a closed community of business owners where we meet regularly to and tackle specific marketing pain points. Request to join here.

Customers Reviews

Gertrude is a wonderful person to work with, she has knowledge about digital marketing and I enjoyed getting recommendations about email marketing and automations.
It's always interesting for me to know that I can count on Gertrude when it comes to Tech, that's why I call her the "Tech Fixer"

Ready to work with me 1 on 1?

I specialise in helping my clients to be seen by their ideal clients. This is why I enjoy working one on one to ensure that your business goals. With my one on one setup, we work together closely so that your website can communicate your unique offer effortlessly.